Monique Morrow, Senior Distinguished Architect for Emerging Technologies at Syniverse Technologies and exclusive speaker of Thinking Heads, has won the WomenTech Global Awards 2020. These awards, organized by WomenTech Network, a global platform that promotes diversity in technology, leadership and entrepreneurship, connect women with technology talent.

Monique Morrow has won in the category of Global Technology Leadership Award, which recognizes individuals, programs, projects or teams that demonstrate excellence in all aspects of their commitment and leadership in the community, motivating leaders to live by their values.

The awards' ceremony took place virtually on December 3, with keynote speeches and interactive panels among other content.


Leader in the IT sector

Monique Morrow is the Founder and President of The Humanized Internet, a Swiss non-profit organization that focuses on digital identity and ethics in technology. As a leader in the IT sector, Monique has held senior positions in organizations such as AMD, Ascom Hasler, Swisscom and Cisco.

Monique Morrow's leadership in her field has earned her prior recognition from numerous entities, being included as one of Forbes' 50 Women in Tech, one of the 100 Most Influential People in Identity by OneWorldIdentity, or one of the 100 Most Important Women in Cyber Security by Cyberseucirty Ventures.